Steven Universe // TV That’s Snatching My Weave //

Before you go in on me about the “cartoons are for kids” notion, please pay attention. I first learned about Steven Universe about a year ago now. I heard about it through Tumblr (okay I know I’m not helping my case) and the post that was attached to it was truly heartwarming so I started to watch it. Now, on any given evening, you’ll find me curled in bed watching a re-run.

It’s a show that’s on the Cartoon Network about a young boy who is being raised by aliens with the mission to help protect the Earth. Besides the ease of watch (every episode is a bearable 10 minutes) and its humor, it is a story with heart.

Now you may be wondering, “why are you posting this show on the Sassy Gay?” It is because the main characters of this show go through the struggles of being the underdog and find ways to still love, learn, grow and accept. Sound familiar? This most recent episode touched me very much – teaching someone to see the other side. It also spoke to a situation that a lot of people seem to need to see I wish Trump would see this scene.You should check it out (@7:38-):

Please watch this show. For inspiration. For happiness.

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“Sometimes, it’s more than that” // A Fight Against Homophobia and Transphobia //

I was lucky enough to work on a video project with The 519, an LGBTQI Community Centre in the heart of Toronto’s Church Street. The project was for Hear It Stop It, a camapign that addresses the use of transphobic and homophobic language use.

When approached for the project I was asked “why? What am I doing this for?” I simply felt I wanted to give back to my community with a project that matched my skillset. So I conceptualized this project and decided what I wanted to convey.

I believed that the concept for these videos should really strike a feeling for viewers who will then question their actions and then become advocates to continue the idea of “hearing and stopping” the perpetuation of homophobic and transphobic language use.

It is time we make a change, it’s time that people recognize sexuality is secondary to the many things that make you who you are. Fuck labels, and fuck people who try to define you, and put you down. We are all unicorns.

One of the most important things that should be understood not just by people outside our community but people within it that, there is no such thing as levels of homophobia. People may think that having a campaign against homophobic words is so insignificant where there are people being hunted and prosecuted for being gay in other countries.

There isn’t a point where one should be actionable over the other. The fact that homophbia exists, regardless of its degree of direct harm is what people should be trying to understand.

I was so grateful to hear stories that varied in degree, some of them being completely heartbreaking.

We do not realize how much hatred and lack of acceptance there is out in the world, so I was lucky that I was able to address this in these videos. I hope you like, share and pledge to no longer be a bystander to homophobic or transphobic language.