Reasons Why Beyonce Losing Best Album of the Year is the Actual WORST

Grief. Doubt. Frustration. Heartbreak.

These are all emotions that were pulled out of my heart when I first watched/listened to Lemonade – Beyonce’s 2016 audiovisual masterpiece which chronicles a black woman’s struggles through love and life. What Beyonce shared with the world was not only the raw emotion captured in song and creative art. Lemonade was a statement to the music industry of it’s ever changing landscape on how the world wants and sees music. Lemonade was set to win the Best Album of the Year. Yet the GRAMMYs decided on another winner. Here are 3 reasons why that is total bullshit.

1. Beyonce wins Urban Contemporary Album of the Year

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? The GRAMMYs literally have an urban contemporary category. Sure, let’s throw all the amazing colored artists into one category so they have a chance at a Grammy. Do you understand how patronizing that feels? And yes as an aside, Beyonce being recognized by the colored community via BET awards is great and well deserved. But people of color recognizing people of color for excellence will never match the validation of an internationally known industry standard like what the GRAMMYs have become. People of color are held down by their own oppression – stuck in a circle of handshakes and back pats from the wrong people.


“It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror — first through their own families, as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House and the Grammys — and see themselves.” – Beyonce Knowles

This woman speaks to her children for this win. She looks to the generations of people of color that would look up and see a person of color win an award for a album. We aren’t talking about equality anymore. This is about EQUITY.

2. “What the Fuck Does She Have to do to Win Album of the Year?”

Words spoken by Album of the Year winner Adele during the Q&A session post-win. Imagine, even the WINNER OF THE BEST ALBUM OF THE AWARD KNOWS THAT IT SHOULDN’T HAVE GONE TO HER! You know what the Grammys taught us on Sunday? It’s no longer about the best music. It’s no longer about art. You can completely change the music game – push boundaries, create a media frenzy from your album drop, positively affect the outlook of millions, perform at the Grammys as a lit-er-al goddess (and kill it). And if you are a person of color, you will never be enough. What an awful, backward message to be sending the millions of supporters of this award show.

3. If We Are Going to Heal, Let it Be Glorious

Spoken by the queen herself at the end of her performance, Beyonce declares “1000 girls raise their arms.” This statement was meant to be a declaration to stand up and fight against the injustices of today’s world. Instead here we are again, on the public stage, using it to tell people of color that you have to fight twice as hard to get what you want. As Malcom X said, “The most disrespected person in America  is the black woman.” Whether you are a single mom working two jobs, an entrepreneur running a business, or Beyonce herself, your excellence will always be looked at with greater judgment. I truly applaud Beyonce’s patience for this bullshit – for her ability to rise above the blatant display of inequity. It is something all people of color must keep in their arsenal from now until things change. Rise above defeat and come back stronger. Clap and cheer in the face of discrimination. Pronounce your greatness even without recognition. This is the world we live in. This is what people of color all need to do to both survive but also thrive in this world.

To anyone who minimizes this issue, they aren’t seeing the whole picture. People always say being nominated is a win in itself. But when winning means changing the outlook of millions of people of color to feel that they are included in popular culture, seen and heard, and that they are recognized for their artistic excellence by a world renown industry institution, WINNING MEANS EVERYTHING.

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Tove Lo – Fairy Dust // Fab Music //

Tove Lo released her sophomore studio album Lady Wood and with it also produced a short film called Fairy Dust that follows her sexual journey with poetic prose, Sia-esque choreography and songs from the album. I always appreciated Tove Lo’s unapologetically bold sex positive approach to her work. This time we get to experience a new layer of visuals and story that many musical artists are adding to their music. Check out Fairy Dust here:

What do you think about Tove Lo?

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Lady Gaga's 'Joanne' in Emojis

Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ in Emojis // Fab Music //

Lady Gaga's 'Joanne' in Emojis

Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ in Emojis (Photo Cred: All me)

Lady GaGa released her brand new album, ‘Joanne‘ today. Coming off the penultimate pop album Artpop (2013),  Joanne serves up some All-American country flavoured realness. And she SLAYS.

Stand-out track: John Wayne

Welcome back Lady GodGa. The gays missed you.

What do you guys think about it?

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Girl crying

The Heartbreaker’s Playlists // Fab Music //

What is better than music to help you get through shitty relationship woes? And there are SOOO many reasons to be upset. Thankfully, there are my amazing singers to rely on for EVERY type of heartbreak. Today Imma focus on a few with top 3 tracks in the below categories:

Conflicted Goodbyes (I couldn’t choose just three): 

Liar Haterz:

Goodbye Forever:

Independent Women:

Revenge is a Dish:

Boys. Not Men. Boys:

It’s Karma Bitch:

Get Through It, Girl:

The Next Stage:

Here’s a full list of songs that couldn’t make the top 3’s:

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Soundtrack of my (Would-Be) Sex Life // Fab Music //

Happy sexy Friday music! Now this list is not exactly of my all time favs, but moreso to showcase some fantastic sexy tracks from some of my favorite recent artists.

Connect – Drake

Drake’s latest album, Nothing Was the Same was a hit across the board. I love his sound, and he definitely knows how to serenade.

Sexodus – M.I.A.

Matangi, M.I.A.’s fourth studio album dropped just before the holidays and is a great palette of her sound. I absolutely had to choose a song off this album to feature. Electric sex.

Bad (Remix) – Wale

I wasn’t able to get this track out of my head for months. Its one sexy jam.

Rocket – Beyonce

Queen B dropped her surprise album just a few months back and its been on replay since then. It’s got a very honest and exposed taste to it – showing a very sultry and dirty side to Beyonce we’ve never seen before. Rocket is the sultriest.

Body Party – Ciara 

From Oh, to Promise to Ride, Ciara’s got sexy jams on lockdown.

Gas Pedal – Sage

Now this guy had to make my list with this song. It has to be my one and only guilty pleasure. Get ready to twerk right out to this one.

Love in The Sky – The Weeknd

Was lucky enough to hear The Weeknd in concert, and beyond his amazing stage performance, he knows how to write a sexy track (High for This,Wicked Games) – mixing sensual and dark with sheer perfection.

Warm Water – BANKS

The best thing that came from watching The Weeknd was discovering this amazing talent. She has a haunting, sultry sound – addictively sexy (seeThis Is What It Feels Like). Only EPs thus far, can’t wait to hear more of her.

Stay Ready – Jhene Aiko

This track is pretty hot. The rest off her EP Sail Out are a little dark, a little substance-induced, which creates a very interesting sound when coupled with her quietly powerful voice.

Black Out Days – Phantogram

Love me some sexy indie rock. They first caught my attention with that hot bassline on When I’m Small. And now coming out with their new album Voices next week, I’m excited to see what else they have to offer. (also see Fall In Love, and Nightlife)

Body Electric – Lana Del Rey

Who doesn’t love the one and only Lana Del Rey? I’m surprised she hasn’t dropped any more sexy tracks then this one. It’s okay, it just makes me listen to it on repeat.

Love Song – Rihanna

Rihanna knows a sex track (Skin,Red Lipstick). This isn’t her best, but it is off her most recent album, Unapologetic.

Fade Into You – Nashville OST

I know what you’re thinking. A television show? But hear me out. The original tracks that come out of this show are just amazing, showcasing some real talent.

Thinking About You – Frank Ocean

Had to close it off with one of my favorite tracks. I can listen to this song forever.  Have a vagtastic Valentine’s day! Thoughts on the playlist?

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