About The Sassy Gay

When I first started this blog, it was a way to express my opinions on what I was experiencing in my life as a gay man. I soon realized there are so many other facets to me that not only challenge my sexuality but also every other aspect of my world. Relationships, love, identity, society and pop culture shape the voice of The Sassy Gay – a voice that continues to change as the LGBT landscape does. Regardless of your sexuality I welcome you to join the conversation. Get your sass on.

Social Media & Disclosure Policy:
The content you read on my blog is of my own commentary and opinion. Images are mostly sourced from Creative Commons photo websites (ex. Pixabay.com) and I state whether or not the image is of my own creation. I do not own the rights to any of the television shows or movies that I talk about, but instead create an open discussion space on opinion for the above content. Please feel free to share content you see on the blog provided that you attribute credit to the content owners, be it myself, a community contributor or another party that has been sourced.

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