Sex on the First Date // Dating Deal Breakers //

Right off the top I’m going to admit it. I am a sex positive person. I’m not one to shy away from consensual, organic and chemistry charged intimacy. When it comes to dating however, it is easy to muddy the waters with this particular act. Why is that? I’m joined once again by my friend on another episode of Dating Deal Breakers, where we talk about sex on the first date.

Now as I mentioned, in my personal experience, “sexuality is so baked in to the way we deal with things. To me it’s almost normal”. This may not be the case for some people but I think it helps to demystify the idea of sex as being such a taboo subject.

I’m all about sex posititivity. What are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Sex on the First Date // Dating Deal Breakers //

  1. J, I’m really enjoying the podcast with your friend. The questions are good and the answers are real. There’s a strong current of self-respect running through the conversations and lots of buoyant fun too. Great job! P.S. I dig the flicker in the neon sign in the intro. ~ Alison


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