Gaycation // TV That’s Snatching My Weave //

Gaycation (VICE) is a documentary series that is hosted and created by actor Ellen Page and her friend Ian Daniel. It follows the two of them as they explore the world and uncover what the LGBT communities are like in different countries. Now in its second season, Gaycation really does give you a lens of the struggles of the communities on a global level and really helps you put life into perspective.

I know that as a gay man living in a metropolitan city in North America, I have it so good. Better yet, I am living in Canada which is a country that has publicly celebrated LGBT rights since the mid 90s and continues to present the same attitude for the rest of the community (including Transgender rights into the Human Rights code just this year).

Gaycation however has completely opened up my mind to the notion that we should not live as a community on just a local level. We need to see what the rest of the world struggles with and how we need to help change it. This season touched me many times – from watching the special on Orlando where they recorded the aftermath of the tragic shooting this past summer. Even seeing the episode on India exposed me to a South Asian community that is largely underexposed even here in Canada (In fact it got me thinking about a new hosting dynamic *wink wink*). It made me feel as though my journey in my own local community needs to focus on that. For anyone who is a part of the LGBT community or is interested in being educated on it, this series is a must watch.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

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