Transparent // TV That’s Snatching My Weave //

I know I’m uber late to the game but I’ve just gotten a chance to watch Amazon’s original show, ‘Transparent‘ which follows a transgender man (MTF) coming out to his family (three children and ex wife). The story starts just as she comes to terms with herself and the fact that coming out to her kids is not going to be as easy as she might have thought.

That moment brought me right back to when I came out to my own sister and best friend at the time – the first two people in my life who I had ever told. It was the same set up: An impromptu dinner which was met by confusion and on my part apprehension.

I’ve only gotten through two thirds of the first season. But riding off the accolades at this (and last years) Emmy’s I knew I had to get it on my watch roster.

It is coming at a great time for the transgender community with a lot of focus on the psychological impact and potential backlash one can face from coming out. It makes me happy to know that Hollywood has recognized the desire for this on the screen. I smile to think that generations after me will have this as a part of their media library to help educate themselves on the T of the LGBT community.

Have you checked it out yet?

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