Chick Magnet: Why Straight Women Love Gay Men // Sassy Conversations //

From gay best friends to crushes on the gay bartender , straight women gravitating toward gay men has been a tale as old as time. Recently I’ve even discovered my romantic luck with the opposite sex despite my sexual preference (note: I am gay). Unbeknownst to this, I’ve found myself happily chatting (in their eyes, flirting) or dancing (grinding) with straight women. I wanted to dig a little deeper and figured the best way to do this was to ask my very own best friend who happens to be straight and female. Check it out:

For the most part I think gays just have a level to us that lacks intimidation toward our straight female counterparts. People are generally attracted to confidence when sexuality is not a factor and naturally if I see a girl work it and they see me work it, Imma be all over that shit. Gay men exude confidence and nonthreatening behavior toward a woman we have absolutely no interest in fucking. In that regard that tells me two things: Gays can be awesome and approachable (for the most part). And the second is that straight guys can be the complete opposite – creepy horny weirdos that are largely intimidating to the female gender.

What do you guys think? Comment below and let me know.

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