A Ghost Story // The Gay Dater //

Girl reading a text on a smartphoneIt was 8 pm on a Monday. Tired from the work day, I was ready to chill out for the night.

DING! A text. Muscles in my neck tensed as I went through my mental Rolodex of people who would text me instead of send me a Whatsapp message. I began to sweat as I raised the screen.

Hey! How’s it going??? -John

John and I hooked up hung out a few weeks back. Due to my overall lack of interest and some irksome quirks he had, I decided to drop it like a bad habit. I remember trying to rush out of his apartment as he made me promise him that we would keep in touch. I lied and said yes. First mistake. The texts continued as I passive aggressively responded with one worded answers (even with periods at the end) and closed conversations. John pushed through it and tried to keep me engaged. Then the questions of the next hangout came around. I responded with long drawn out excuses. Good ol Johnny boy just didn’t get it. Then I tried to ghost him.

Unlike what Emma Roberts’ character is explaining, ghosting in the dating world is a term used when an individual you are talking to or hanging out with seemingly disappears without notice. Nowadays it’s normal practice – it’s awful. I’ve been victim to it, and the anecdote above is my admission of being a ghoster. This isn’t so much a blog on warning you as much as  it’s one of those things you just have to be aware of when treading the treacherous dating waters. Be careful out there kiddos!

Listen to part 2 of my story on being ghosted here:

What are your thoughts on ghosting? Have you ever been victim to it? Or have you ever ghosted someone?

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One thought on “A Ghost Story // The Gay Dater //

  1. Ashamed to say that I’ve ghosted guys before but I’ve also been ghosted so I guess Karma is a bitch 😛


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