LGBTQI | Where do we place our sexual identity?

Just the other day, I was looking at a post and noticed the LGBT acronym has expanded to LGBTQI. As you may know, currently LGBT stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender”. The “I” would be an addition for “Intersex”. Now after some research before writing this blog, I discovered that this acronym was an active ask dating all the way back to 1999 but only just resurfaced recently.

So here is my quandary: There was a time I recall only hearing LGB, and then the T was added. What I guess I’m trying to say is that this acronym can continually morph and change and grow. I know what the LGBT community stands for and means and hopes to represent all aspects of that community in that sense. But when do you draw the line of total acceptance and suddenly begin to create discrimination against all other populations? Where do you stop and say, ‘maybe we’re being too inclusive to a particular group, that we are isolating people who champion us on a day to day?’ Where is the “S” in our community? There are straight people who love and advocate for the LGBT community on a daily basis. Why don’t we include them in our acronym? At the end of the day, its not about sex, its about identification. If you took a step back and thought about that for a second, I think you would wonder why LGBT even has its own identity at all.

I know personally, I like to say that I’m a man, I’m a mixed race, I’m Canadian, I’m a filmmaker, a writer and plenty more things before I talk about who I’m attracted to. I think its something we all struggle with. Where do we put our sexual identity so that its apparent but not at the forefront?

I’ve come to a point in my life that I look at the community, LGBT, LGBTQI (or however you want the acronym to extend), and I don’t want that to be my one and only identification. Humans are so multi-layered that sexuality should be minimized to what it is. Love and sex is already such a personal thing, why do we need to share all that with the world? The straight world never needs to identify themselves. We shouldn’t have to identify ourselves in that same vein.

I may or may not have gone off on a tangent, but I digress.

Belonging to a community is belonging to a community. Of course it is amazing to feel as a gay man, there is this support and network where I feel welcome and accepted. Toronto’s community center the 519 is one of the most eye opening places on Church Street and I’m so thankful that it exists for those who want or need that support.

Anyone is welcome, but I also want to feel that we aren’t so inclusive. For a community that preaches free love and openness its a little contradictory, don’t you think?

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