Are You a Top, Bottom or Versatile? // The Gay Dater //

Oh the labels we give each other. Why is it that we constantly want to label ourselves? Tops, Bottoms, Bears, Jocks, Otters. So many things!

Those terms are for people and websites. How do you know what you’re into with a guy sexually until you’re actually with them?…You gotta be adaptable or else you’re gonna miss out. – Looking, HBO (Season 1, Episode 5)

Is it not hard enough to be a homosexual? Why can’t I be gay and just that? These other labels shouldn’t ever matter. Labels further push us into identifiable boxes of conformity. It annoys me when someone asks those silly questions or opts to tell you their preferences. How would you know what you want or prefer when sexual intercourse between individuals should always be based on connection and not on who wants a cock up their ass?

When I encounter this during a conversation, the firs thing I conclude is I think you’re close minded. As gay individuals we have the capacity to top or bottom whenever or whoever we are with.

Preference is different from ability, but when you say you are strictly a top you sound like an overly dominant douchebag who just wants to do the one thing that you think involves sex. When I hear strictly bottom I hear the same. Versatility, keep your options open. You’d be surprised how much more you’ll enjoy sex when you don’t conform to what you think you want.

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