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It’s hard to find gays represented well in the media, considering we are in the midst of finding footing in pop television. Here are some that are elevating our community – educating a larger audience of the many colors of our rainbow, while still reminding them that yes, we are humans. Here are my top 5:

RuPaul’s Drag Race – In terms of reality TV shows, definitely my fave. It’s America’s Next Top Model + Project Runway + American Idol + Fierce + Gay and serves up some amazing drag queen realness. It is one of the most fun and entertaining ways to show off the glamorous underbelly of this aspect of the queer community. Season 6 starts up February 24!

Looking – HBO brings us the story of 3 gay friends living in present day San Francisco. I was originally weary of the perfectly handsome Jonathan Groff as the lead because I have a thing about the gay community not being represented well enough in the media. However, in every episode (we’re already halfway through season 1), I’ve learned that it’s less about the looks and more about the content. The themes that they raise episode to episode are thought provoking, true and honest to anyone in the community.


1 Girl 5 Gays – Had to throw this one on the list.’s one and only success involves a rotating cast of gay men (located in the city of Toronto, represent!!!) and a female host who asks questions about love and sex. Loved the show during its earlier seasons, but have found the content to be rote. They have in the recent past changed it up, doing a panel of 5 lesbians, and even talked to gay men who are HIV positive. For that, I’m a proud advocate of the show, even if it has its boring moments.

Please Like Me – Just discovered this nugget of comedy recently. The characters are quirky and fun to watch. The writing is hilarious, the delivery is even better. The protagonist is flawed and awkward (and gay). The thing I like most is the gay aspect is so understated that it’s nearly inconsequential, until it suddenly is. Can’t wait for season 2.

Orange is the New Black – Another understated gay show. It isn’t the crux of it all, but the protagonist being an on-again-off-again lesbian definitely creates some drama. The best thing to come out of Netflix for sure. Season 2 starts up in the summer!


Did I miss any?

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