Do You Play as the Lady or the Bloke?

A few weeks back, HBOs “Looking” posed a question to the gayming community. Do you play as the lady or the bloke?

When I was younger, I would always choose the female character and I never knew why. This episode lightly explores the theory that,

“Maybe it is because I’m gay but not for the reason you might think. Women are the outsiders in games and I relate to that, gay people get it.” – Looking, HBO

Now playing arcade games vastly preceded the development of my sexual preference, so I don’t know how strongly I feel about that theory. I do get it though – women were seen as a sub sect of humanity for hundreds of years. People like the underdog. I get that.

I never really questioned it back then. I just always thought that girls were more agile, less clunky, colorful, exciting and fun to play as in comparison to their macho male counterparts. They’re also usually fierce and sassy, which of course I love.

It’s interesting, because as much as I love guys, I didn’t fetishize their muscular frames in games to try to emulate them in some way. It was always admiring how hot my female character looked when she was kicking ass.

In general, I think that a lot of people feel the same way. People like to see girls and women be bad ass. (Kick Ass, Street Fighter II the Movie, 90% of Angelina Jolie films, Sucker Punch)

What are your thoughts?

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